3-easy-steps to choosing the right size wall art

"Starting [an art] collection is creating an opportunity to be surrounded by joy every day." - Becca Starr, Director of Auctions Collector relations at Artsy

You’ve been surrounded by white walls all of 2020 (COVID!!),

and you’ve had your eye on a large, vibrant original painting for a while.

You’ve decided this is the year you’re going to invest in your badass self with your first original painting!

As you ask the Google Gods, online art galleries + Pinterest for abstract fine art inspiration, you realize this investment may be more complicated than you thought....

  • What size do you get….
  • Do you want your art to be horizontal, vertical, square, triangular, circular….
  • Where do you put it… over your couch? Above your bed? In your bathroom? Next to your cat's bed?
  • Do you invest in one large piece or a diptych or triptych…

When I first got into large-scale abstract painting, I was confused too.

Image of a very small artwork above a light grey couch, covered with blankets and pillows. Sad face drawn on top of photo to show that the art is too small for this space!

I’d paint a dope vibrant artwork, put it on our wall, took a step back hoping to be amazed....

And, something wasn't right. It was too small… too square… too low… too high.

From a tonnnnn of trial + error + research, I’ve learned a lot about placement and sizing for large scale artworks.

And I'm hopeful this quick 3-step guide will provide you all you need to get started in your first large scale art investment!




Step 1: Choose the wall where your art will go.

Hallways and other empty spaces make great canvases for wall art.

Large scale paintings also add a ton of texture to a bedroom, living room or foyer that has a large piece of furniture, like a headboard, couch or fireplace. 

Quick exercise: Walk around your home, and stand in each room for a couple minutes. Get curious about how you feel in each room and down each hallway, as you look at each wall. Do you feel like something is missing? Do you feel like a room feels incomplete? Are there spaces where you feel dull, uninspired? These are great places to start.

Step 2: Measure your wall

If you’re installing your artwork on a blank wall (i.e. hallway), measure the length x height of the wall.

If installing above furniture (i.e. headboard, couch, fire place), measure the length of the furniture.

Step 3: Determine the best size for your space!

Now you know the size of the space you’re looking to fill + where you're going to install your art. You’re getting close to investing in the artwork of your dreams! 

Sizing rule 1: Choose artwork to fill ⅔ - ¾ of the wall space or the space above your furniture.

Sizing rule 2: Install your artwork 6-12” above furniture, and ideally, at eye level (~57” from the ground). 

Sizing rule 3: The overall area of the artwork (height x width) should cover 2/3 - 3/4 of the area of the open wall space (Thanks Wayfair!)

Sizing rule 4: If you choose to install your art in a blank hallway, it’s best to go with odd-# multiples and choose vertical (tall + narrow) pieces. This will allow you to feel more volume in your space, without overcrowding. 


  • If your eccentric jewel tone velvet couch is 84” wide, invest in artwork that is ~56” wide
  • If your mid-century mod headboard is 60 inches wide, invest in artwork that is ~40-45” wide
  • If your dreery hallway wall is 14’ long, invest in (3) 24x36” vertical pieces, and install them ~56 inches above the ground, 6" apart starting at the middle.

Okay, so what now?

You should now feel confident in where your art will live and what size will work best for your space. Still unsure? Always go big! 

Your investment piece will travel with you from home to home, from generation to generation, from joyful times to darker days, and you will always have a blank wall that needs vibrancy + story. 

Shameless plug

I invest a ton of love, energy, time + money into my work, and painting large abstract works is where I belong. I always invest in gallery or museum quality canvases + top-quality paints, like Goldens (which ain't cheap!) I do this because I desire for your artwork to live on with you + be a part of yours and your family's stories to come.

Making an investment in original art can feel overwhelming, and my goal is to always make my customers feel held + supported throughout the process. I share sizing info with customers when they commission me for a large scale painting or when they are unsure what original artwork to invest in. When you're ready to make that investment in YOU, take the first step by filling out this form. Excited to create MAGIC for you!


About the author

Courtney Neumann is a self-taught visual artist, based in Denver. Her abstract artwork is vibrant, empowering and playful. Her mission is to use creative expression to empower other women to seek their beautiful truth!

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