how I've embodied connection in a disconnected world

This month, I released a 12-piece paper collection entitled 'CONNECTION.' I'm here to share a bit about my story, how this collection came to be + how it will bring connection into your life.

Your investment empowers me to continue creating meaningful art AND $5 from your investment is donated to Envision:YouThe mission of Envision:You is "to support, educate, and empower members of the Colorado LGBTQ+ community living with mental health and substance use disorders." Together, let's support every body in having access to tools that support him/her/them in living their truest, most beautiful life. Thank you. <3

First, my story

In my 30 years of life, I've gotten really good at living outside of myself.

You may be wondering what that means.

It means I've spent my whole life pretending I'm someone I'm not in order to be approved of...

In order to fit in…

This has shown up in saying "yes" to things when I really mean "no" (booze). It has shown up as me learning to blend into pretty much every social group since I can remember. I'm a hella chameleon.

Fast forward to January 2020 (the most unexpected year most of us have experienced), I decided: I'm ready to be me. I enrolled in a 9 month women's group in Denver where I set the intention of:

I will show up this year as me, especially when it's uncomfortable.

And I can confidently say, with the support of this women's group, making vibrant expressive abstract art, therapy, seeking out genuine female friendships and learning how to experience pleasure with food, movement + sex...

I have changed. 

I have fully EMBODIED the essence of:

A woman who feels confident selling her original artwork for what she's worth (more on why I increased my prices later!)

A woman who paints abstract, vibrant artwork in her bra + (dances freely all over her living room while doing so)

A woman who doesn't ask for permission,

A woman who leans into her desires and gives herself permission to experience pleasure,

A woman who is in constant communication with her inner world,

A woman who confidently removes obstacles that takes her away from her body (like alcohol + numbing),

(Most of the time)...

I still catch myself looking to the outside + I'm not sure I'll ever lose that entirely.

These stories are deep rooted and passed down ancestrally

(so if you ever have shame or guilt for not letting go of deep-rooted shit -- take a deep breath, place one hand on your heart + one on your belly and offer your beautiful self compassion!) 

I'm not perfect, you're not perfect, and part of our un-caging we MUST do is being totally okay and LOVING of our imperfections!

The birthing of my 'CONNECTION' Collection came from my desire to reflect this DEEP and loving connection with my truth in a vibrant, expressive series of small paintings. It reflects what’s possible when we connection with our community to listen, to heal, to share. I’m a natural-born lone wolf and I know none of us can do this work alone.

About my CONNECTION Collection

My 12-piece 'CONNECTION' collection explores liberation through unconditional self-love + connection to self. It tells the story of burning down stories and beliefs that get in the way of us living our truths.

When you let yourself BE 100% YOU you give your partner, your family, your friends, your community, your neighbors permission to be fully them/her/him too.

The separation of each individual piece in this collection is a representation of the walls that exist between humans (especially now), AND the the one continuous black line that bounded the entire collection together symbolizes what’s possible when we connect with each other fully, lean on one another, listen actively to one another (even when we don’t agree) and show up as ourselves 100%.

Reflection for You: 

Grab your journal, jot down these questions

-Where in your life are you not being your truest self? At home? At work? At school? In your community? With your family? With your friends?....

- How beautiful does it sound to live your life on your terms? To create your own rules? To show up for yourself, your family, your community as nothing but YOU? Visualize how you would feel and how you would wake up every morning coming from this place.

- How would it feel it wake up and live within your body, every single day?

- How would you connect in a more powerful way with your partner, your friend, your sister?

- How would it feel to let go of comparisons (FOMO!) and know you are on the exact right path for you?

About the author

Courtney Neumann is a self-taught visual artist, based in Denver. Her abstract artwork is vibrant, empowering and playful. Her mission is to use creative expression to empower other women to seek their beautiful truth!

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Thank you for being here + for being YOU! XO

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