Cyclical Being Blog Series Part 2: Air Cycle - Release and renew!

Welcome to part 2/4 of my #cyclicalbeingseries blog, love! Follow along from week to week, or jump to the phase you're at in your cycle. Currently on your moon? Read part 1/4 hereThis content is inspired by my own cycle and wisdom from my go-to book on feminine cycles: Moon Time*. 

Phase: Preovulation

Season: Spring

Element: Air

Archetype: Air Goddess

Superpower(s): Connecting + change-making

Energy:  calm, awakened, creatively inspired, sexy, full of life, easy-going, confident, spacious

Colors: Pinks, purples, lime green, bright + vibrant colors 

Mantra: I release, I renew!

Stylized female portrait of the Air Goddess; Colorful watercolor, acrylic and gold metallic stylized portrait paintingThe darkness of menstruation has passed, and you will likely feel light and airy during preovulation.

You may feel like a completely different person than you did last week, and that is OK. You are human, you are a badass woman, and these natural cycles are what make you, you!

You will feel your external light brightening during this part of your cycle.

You will likely feel more inclined to socialize and connect with your sisters, colleagues and partner. So, it's a beautiful time to schedule important meetings, dates and virtual get-togethers. If you were able to work remotely last week, now is a great time to work in a shared workspace, your office or a local cafe, if possible. 

The air phase of your cycle is all about releasing + renewing. You will likely feel less attached during this phase, so it is a really powerful time to declutter. Think: your inbox, your closet, your finances, your goals. Everything is energy, so when you ignore your financial health or you continue working towards irrelevant goals set at the beginning of 2020 -- considering how much this year has changed -- you will feel heavier energetically. Use your preovulation time to get clear on your present goals, make a plan for paying off debt, and release "stuff" (clothes, papers, etc.) that you no longer need.

You will likely feel called to try new things, so now is the time to say "yes!" to something new. Write that blog post you've been sitting on, register for that online painting class (get 2 months free on Skillshare - my fave online learning site!), put paint on that blank canvas, start recording that online class you know you're meant to teach!

 You will feel more at ease and confident during this time, and your communication will feel smooth. Use this time to start new projects, meet with new/prospective clients and market your badass-self!

How I create during this time:

During preovulation, I feel super ready + excited to take on new, scary things! My anxiety is typically at ease and I feel more confident in my ability to articulate and execute on new ideas. I schedule time to prospect new business, begin new client projects and learn new technical skills (like drawing portraits).

If you schedule your social media content ahead of time like me, now is a great time to start creating + scheduling your social media content for the rest of the month, making sure to schedule content during your darker phases (premenstruation + menstruation).  I schedule my content with the free version of the Later app!

When I'm giving clients an estimated delivery timeline, I try, whenever possible, to start design/production during this phase and wrap it up before menstruation. This isn't always possible, of course, so do what you need to do and whenever possible let your body guide your creative + strategic process!

Journal Prompts

Last week during menstruation, your internal thoughts + narratives were brought up to the surface. Last week, you reflected on ways you can show up for yourself powerfully + practice self-love. This week, with self-love always in mind, get clear on your goals and 

  • What projects/people/narratives take my energy? How can I get it back?

  • Refer goals you set at the beginning of the year, if applicable. Ask yourself, what goals am I working towards that no longer light me up?

  • What is one personal goal that I will work towards meeting?

  • What is one business goal that I will work towards meeting?

  • What action item can I take _______ to meet these goals?

    • Today

    • Tomorrow

    • This week

    • This month

  • What ______ am I ready to release?

    • Narrative

    • Habit

  • What self-love habit can I continue this week?

  • What is one new thing I'd like to try this week?

  • Who is one person in my life that sees me as me? *Plan to connect with this person this week

  • How can I nourish myself through my community?

  • Where in my life can I take the lead?

  • What emotions am I holding onto? What emotions can I let go of?

  • What feelings am I not letting myself feel? It is common for us to deny ourselves the "happy" feelings, like joy. All feelings deserve to be felt.

    Air Element Ritual

    As we move through the COVID pandemic, connecting with our breath is more important than ever. If you are wearing a mask all day, your ability to breathe fully is inhibited. You may have even experienced your loved one fight the virus + have trouble breathing. Wherever you're at, give yourself 5 sacred minutes to breathe into your air element.

    Close your door + give yourself 5 restful minutes of pranayama (breathwork). Breath is your physical representation of the air element. Rub peppermint + eucalyptus essential oils on your wrist + temples, and hold or add smoky quartz, citrine and amethyst (air element crystals) to your space. 

    Find a comfortable seat, cross-legged or on your heels. Let your belly be soft, and your eyelids heavy.

    Breathe deep into your belly for a steady count of 4-3-2-1. Hold your breath for a count of 2-1. Exhale, out your mouth, for a steady count of 4-3-2-1. Hold for 2-1 at the bottom of your breath. Continue moving through this breath cycle; you're welcome to breathe 

    Welcome in the mantra "I receive" on your inhales and "I release" on your exhales if it feels right.

    I honor you for honoring yourself. Thank you for reading and for taking care of your inner light! As a special gift for you, love, enjoy 20% off the purchase of any Air Goddess wall art (limited edition hand-detailed printoriginal goddess artwork, and standard print)!
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