Cyclical Being Series - Part 4: Earth Cycle - Ground + look inward

Welcome to part 4/4 of my #cyclicalbeingseries blog, you grounded Earth Goddess you! Follow along from week to week, or jump to the phase you're at in your cycle. Currently on your moon? Read part 1/4 hereCurrently preovulating? Read part 2/4 here. Currently ovulating? Read part 3/4 here.

This content is inspired by my own cycle and wisdom from my go-to book on feminine cycles: Moon Time*. 

Phase: Pre-menstruation

Season: Fall

Element: Earth

Archetype: Earth Goddess

Superpower(s): Grounding and witchy

Energy: Grounded, Calm, Introspective, Quiet, Witchy, Angry

Colors: Earthy tones - browns, greens, burnt orange

Mantra: I am grounded, I am calm, I am the Earth.



The word "essential" has been thrown around more than usual these days, as we ask ourselves and our communities what activities, what lines of work, what businesses, etc. are "essential."

During your Earth cycle, I encourage you to ask yourself what is essential? Do those things, and leave out the rest. You will notice yourself needing a bit more sleep during this time, and you may even crave an afternoon nap. Nourish yourself with the rest you need!

Last week during your Fire Cycle you probably felt FIRED up! Now, you may notice a greater desire to look inward and less outward. You will have more energy than during your water cycle (next cycle), so it is okay, if you feel up for it, to still work on projects and meet with clients. Ideally, it is a great time to finish up existing projects, before you begin to bleed (water cycle). 

Hellllo PMS. This is when you may be feelin' the feels - irritability, cramps, bloating, exhaustion, sore boobs, cravings, an anger towards all things (ok maybe that's just me).

Now is the time to carve out more space for self care. Baths, easy walks, time in nature, afternoon naps, solo-time (no partner or kiddos), journaling (prompts below). If prayer and/or spells are in your practice, make space during your Earth cycle for putting your wishes + desires out into the universe.

You may feel an extra urge to create from your inner experience during this time. Grab markers, paint, your journal, whatever you feel called to make with, and starting making! Let go of attachment to what it looks like, and notice what it FEELS like... What emotions, what feelings, what thoughts manifest onto your medium.

How I create during this time:

I feel really close to my inner self during my Earth cycle, so now is my time to kick Michael out (I gotta be alone!) and paint abstractly! My creativity is fueled by my desire to process and understand my inner world. That shows up in organic, whacky shapes, funky textures and colors that help me feel how I need to feel. See what I'm working on this week!

Image of two pieces of abstract artwork. One is on a 18x24" canvas. The other is on a white sneaker. Both include bright, organic shapes in teal, hot pink, yellow, navy, gold-green and bright gold. Includes detailed black line work.

Whenever possibly, I wrap up big projects during this time, as I know next week when I'm bleeding (water cycle), my energy will be even less than it is now. I still feel an ability to connect with the outside world, but I notice I prefer 1:1 time over group gatherings. I plan for 1:1 meetings with clients and prospective clients, as well as time with close friends in an intimate setting.

Journal Prompts:

  • What is my relationship with the earth element?

  • What does my connection with the earth mean to me?

  • How can I bring more of the earth element into my life?

  • What do I view as essential in my life? What do I view as non-essential?

  • What self-care rituals are most important to me?

  • How can I add these rituals into my life? (start small + with one this week!)

  • How do I feel when I'm in nature?

  • What do I notice the most when I'm in nature?

  • How can I connect with the earth element more from my own home? (i.e. crystals, salts, palo santo are all made up of the earth element)

Earth Element Ritual - Earthing

This is a fun + simple ritual that you can do anywhere outside. It's ideal to find a big patch of grass. A park, your yard or even a nearby trail will do.

Find your space, kick your shoes off and let all four corners of your feet fall into the earth. Wiggle your toes, sway from side to side, maybe even dance. (If you just thought "no fucking way am I dancing" then you better be dancing!)

Feel the earth's energy move from your toes, up your legs, through your pelvis, up your torso, across your boobs, up your neck, chin, lips, nose, third eye, all the way up to your crown chakra (at the top of your head).

Grab your journal when you get inside and answer the questions above!


I honor you for honoring yourself. Thank you for reading and for taking care of your light! As a special gift for you, love, enjoy 20% off the purchase of any Earth Goddess wall art (

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