Cyclical Being Series Part 3: Fire Cycle - Step into your POWER!

Welcome to part 3/4 of my #cyclicalbeingseries blog, fire Goddess you! Follow along from week to week, or jump to the phase you're at in your cycle. Currently on your moon? Read part 1/4 here. Currently preovulating? Read part 2/4 here. This content is inspired by my own cycle and wisdom from my go-to book on feminine cycles: Moon Time*. 

Phase: Ovulation

Season: Summer

Element: Fire

Archetype: Fire Goddess

Superpower(s): Passionate + Sensual

Energy: Powerful, Confident, Loving, Energized, Connected, Creative, Sexy, Successful

Colors: Reds, oranges, radiating golds and yellows

Mantra: I step into my power. I show up as me, unapologetically! 


Mixed media painting of a red-haired woman (Goddess) embodying the Fire Goddess. Features a face crystal and metallic details. Read more about her!You may feel increased confidence showing up as you right now. Now is the time to be YOU, unapologetically. Get out of your own way and move beyond your comfort zone.Now is the time to step into your power, sexy, radiating, you!

Now is the time to schedule meetings + presentations that may otherwise may make you nervous. You will feel a deeper sense to connect with your customers + colleagues and you will feel deeply in tune with your self-worth. Plan to have money conversations (negotiations, proposals, etc.) during this time, as you are likely to speak up and ask for what you know you're worth! 

Your fire cycle is when your solar plexus is radiating with bright light -- so schedule in LOTS of creative time. With your confidence at it's peak, now is the time to both create and share what you make. During this special time in your cycle, you will feel more in tune with your desires AND confident in expressing your desires externally. Share what you're working on and take advantage of this sacred time of connection. 

Creativity and sexuality are interchangeable energies, so when your creativity peaks, so will your sexual desires. When you answer the call for sexual pleasure, you will notice your creative energy spikes, too. So if you work in a creative space like me, sex can help you move through blocks. 

Plan for lots of sex. You will feel at your peak sexually, so plan a solo sesh or call up your main squeeze. You are more likely to get pregnant during this time though, so be safe + opt for a solo sesh if you're not trying to have a baby right now. 

Now is the time to get clear about your passions, pleasures, and desires! Notice areas in your life that you feel extra excited and abundant. Use the journal prompts below for extra inspiration.

How I create during this time:

If you run your own business like me, now is the time to market and prospect new business!  I like to schedule prospecting time for new business opportunities starting in my Air cycle and moving into my Fire cycle. I feel more comfortable (and excited!) to sell myself + my art services during this time. I also am more inclined to go beyond my comfort zone with new projects, both personal and commissions.  So this is the time I, ideally, start new large scale projects (murals) and start the process with new clients.

Journal Prompts:

  • What lights my fire?
  • What do I enjoy doing? How can I add more of this into my life? 
  • How do I desire to spend my time? (Map it out: be specific on how you want each morning, afternoon, evening to look)
  • What project(s) have I been procrastinating? *Hint: start these now!
  • What makes me feel sexy?
  • What turns me on?
  • How do I define my self worth?
  • What excites me? Sexually? Professionally? Socially?
  • What gifts have I been assigned? How can I share these gifts with the world?
  • Describe the last time you felt really lit up about something. How did you feel energetically?
  • Who in my life lights me up? *Give this person a call!

Fire Element Ritual

Find a comfortable space to meditate quietly for 5 minutes. Light a candle and place it infront of you. Surround yourself with fire element crystals (like fire agate, garnet and ruby) and/or reds, oranges, golds and yellows.

Let your eyes gaze gently at the flame in front of you. Place one hand on your solar plexus, which is located at the highest point of your belly. Breathe deeply into your energetic center, and imagine your whole abdomen filling up with a bright, radiating flame. 

I honor you for honoring yourself. Thank you for reading and for taking care of your light! As a special gift for you, love, enjoy 20% off the purchase of any Fire Goddess wall art (limited edition hand-detailed printoriginal goddess artwork, and standard print)!
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