Energy and your creative process (+ 10 quick tips to clear your energy to create from your truth)

I’m amidst my first 100 day project (ever!!!) and I’ve already learned so much. I’m going to publish blog posts throughout my experience, as a way to reflect and to offer the tools + lessons I’ve gathered along the way.

Whether you have a desire to begin a creative practice, enhance your current practice or even begin a 100 day project, I hope these reflections will offer you whatever you may need in this moment.

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I had a big a-ha last week:

The energy I put into my work is the energy the receiver (you) takes in.

Especially now that my original artwork is making it into more homes than ever (thank YOU!), the responsibility to be aware of the energy I’m putting into my work is bigger than ever. 

Committing to make a new piece of artwork every day for 100 days (#100ABSTRACTFEELS) means that I need to be aware of my energy before + during + even after my creativity time.

It means I need to be truthful to myself, and know when I need to clear some sh*t before getting to my creative practice. 

The energy I hope to be felt in every piece is the energy of truth, vulnerability and courage. The energy of love, compassion and empowerment. The energy of duality, movement and stillness.

And so, I must make work that shines a light on my truth, my vulnerability, my courage. I must make work filled with love, with compassion, with empowerment. I must embrace duality, movement and stillness as I make.


For me to create by these standards, I have to be aware of the voices + warning signs that show up when I am creating. I’m sharing my loudest voices below + a couple quick tips to clear your energy when these voices show up for you!



She shows up a lot, and she is here to protect me from living my truth. Because living our truth is the scariest possible thing we can do + this voice wants to protect us from being fully seen. So she encourages us to do things to be accepted as opposed to fully express ourselves.  She wants us to create FOR external validation instead of creating from an expression of our truth.

This is the voice that asks “what would _______ [your name here] think of this piece?”

This is the voice that is like “can we pleeeeease share this on Instagram NOW?!”

This is the voice that tells me my voice is small + undeserving of being heard.

This is the voice that nudges me to text my mom a picture of my unfinished painting (for approval).


She shows up often, and she is LOUD. She is the ultimate stealer of my joy + the playfulness of my creative practice. She yells at me when I make mistakes and is really, really cruel. I hate her (lol) and I know she is here to protect me and keep me safe.

This is the voice that tells me I am not ever going to be a successful artist because of the way I just layered those colors.

This is the voice that tells me in order to create I must have it all figured out first.

This is the voice that asks me, “Who do YOU think you are for trying to paint an abstract painting?”

This is the voice that tells me in order to paint with a large canvas I must have all the best paint first. (heads to to buy all those paints)

This is the voice that tells me in order to get paid what I’m worth for a mural I must have done 10 other murals first.

This is the voice that tells me in order to publish a blog post I have to edit it 20x.



She is the voice that wants me to do anything but express from my deepest truths. She is the one that nudges me to see what other artists are making when I feel creatively blocked. She is the one that gets me to grab my phone and scroll Pinterest to get “inspiration” right before I create. 

This is the voice that asks me “what would ______ [other artist’s name] put here?”

This is the voice that tells me that because she has 40k followers on Instagram that she is more successful than me. And that I will never have that success.

This is the voice that tells me there is ONE path as a creative, and if I’m not on that path, I am unworthy.

This is the voice that tells me if I’m not making like [her] I am not worthy of being seen.

This is the voice that tells me I am unworthy of being seen.

How to clear your energy

Ok, so the voice(s) are there. They’re loud, they’re cruel and they’re consuming. Here are a couple of quick tools I use to clear the energy in my space so I can get back to creating.

Disclaimer: There are infinite amounts of ways to clear your energy and I am not an energy worker. So do your research and find a qualified professional to clear some deep shit. These are the tools that work for me.

  1. Light palo santo or sage and watch your inner stories burn away
  2. Place salt in the corners of your space
  3. Take a bath! The water element supports us in cleansing away negative energy
  4. Meditate for 5 minutes silently
  5. Go for a walk! A quick walk around your neighborhood can work wonders to clear (tip: leave your phone behind)
  7. Delete your apps (you know the ones -- instagram, pinterest, gmail…)
  8. Drink a big glass of ice water
  9. Ecstatic dance all over your house!! My go-to clearing playlist (Spotify)
  10. Pray to your higher power and ask for guidance to create from a place of [___________] (love/truth/empowerment/vulnerability)


As always, I'd love to hear from you. If publicly commenting doesn't feel in alignment, please always feel free to email me ( about your takeaways, reflections + any thoughts you have on this share.
Sending you love, light + creative energy!

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