How listening to my body lead me to my best life

How I started to listen to my inner wisdom, practice awareness and change my habits to live my fullest life possible (and how you can too!)

After a decade of ignoring the needs of my wondrous body, three years ago I knew something must change. I was without a period for pretty much all of my menstruating years, poppin’ my BC pill without any thought. I woke up most days feeling exhausted, depressed and worrying about, well, everything.

I began to work with a naturopathic doctor, and with much resistance, shifted my entire diet to all real foods. No more gluten, no more dairy, no more sugar, no more corn.

It sucked at first; I felt like the odd-woman out. My community at the time didn't pay much attention to the needs of their bodies, and I felt extremely isolated. Everyone was drinking the beer, eating the pizza and chasing it all down with late night fourth meal. Periods were being skipped and parties were being attended during what I now know as the most sacred time in woman’s month: menstruation.

I began to slowly feel better. I woke up with more energy, I felt calmer, and once I finally got off the pill, my periods slowly came back. I began to realize: everything is connected. What we consume (food, media, birth control, sleep) directly influences the way we feel. As I continued on this journey of self-discovery, I was feeling more and more like me!

A year later, I dove into a Holistic Nutrition program and found myself getting especially curious about how our environment and habits impact our cycles as women. Although my career as a nutritionist was short lived (lol - I change my mind a lot!) my desire to understand my body as a woman is stronger than ever!

Fast forward to mid-2019, I was recommended to read Moon Time* by Lucy Pearce - a life-changing book on our feminine cycles all humans should read! *affilate link

As I continued to dive deeper into learning, I felt more in touch with my inner knowing than I ever felt before. It was like I spent a decade with her yelling at the top of her lungs: “Stop! Listen to me!” And me putting her on mute, to only raise the volume on pressures from peers and society.

This inner knowing lives within you, too, and it takes just a bit of listening to discover her power!

Earlier this year, I started a daily cycle tracker. I jotted down notes on my emotions, energy, creativity, sexuality, relations to self, and relations to others at the end of each day of my cycle. 

After several months of dedication to this ritual, connections were being made. Right before my period, I am admittedly difficult to be around and I literally can’t stand the sound of Michael breathing (Love you baby). During my period, I feel sensitive and in touch with my femininity. Right after my period, I feel light, sensual and ready to take on new! During ovulation, I feel super sexy, confident, creative and ready to pounce on Michael at all times.

And then it repeats, month after month.

As I tracked, and listened, and tracked and listened, it was like I could predict the way I would feel the next day. Which feels SO empowering.

I was suddenly given answers to questions I didn’t even know I had! I knew I must share this wisdom with the world, and I gave birth to The Cyclical Being Series.

Each portrait in this series embodies a season/Goddess associated with your cycle. I created each Goddess as I was in that phase of my cycle, so I would intuitively create based on the energy I felt at that time.

During the creative process, I noticed there were times when I felt eager to sit down and create (ovulation/fire goddess), and times when I felt resistant to do anything (premenstruation/earth goddess). There were times I couldn't wait to market my series (prevoluation/air goddess) and times when I felt shy & reflective (menstruation/water goddess).

With this series, my prior knowledge and a sh*t ton of trial and error, I learned:

We can align the needs of our bodies with the way we manage our calendars and to dos!

This wisdom is too good not to share, so I'm devoting the next 4 weeks to sharing tips on how to manage your to do lists, while honoring the needs of your body. We'll explore characteristics of each phase of our cycle and how to schedule activities, like big meetings and creativity time, around your cycle.

This is for lady bosses, freelancers and any she who lives a creative life. This wisdom is even for the partners who scratch their heads week after week wondering why the loving sexy partner your knew last week is now a bittttt more irritable.⁠

The first article comes out next Wednesday, July 22nd!

So what to do until then?

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  • Check out my #CyclicalBeingSeries - which Goddess feels most aligned with you, right now?

  • Grab a copy of Moon Time (affiliate link), for quick read with a ton of wisdom on your cycle and how to track it.

  • Begin tracking your cycle! Start by jotting down notes on your energy each day. If tracking on your phone works better for you, there are a ton of apps there. Do research, try a few and see which one works for you. 

See you next week!

Love and light,


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