two women's stories of connection + authenticity


I have to share a story with you. One that has forever changed my life and the trajectory of my art business, and one that we can all be inspired from.

Late last year, an old friend reached out to me about commissioning me for an abstract painting.

She spent the quiet and stillness of 2020 discovering her truth, stepping into her authentic self + celebrating AND loving who she is, and she wanted her journey to be embodied in a painting.

I had one of those speechless + "thank you universe!" moments where I knew I was given this artistic gift to turn inspiring stories like hers into a work of art.

My highest authentic self was like you have to say YES! to this commission.

Still to this day it is one of the most meaningful paintings I've ever worked on, and it's because it was a co-creation with a woman who I admire deeply.

It reminded me of the power of connection, humanity and listening to our inner guides.

This process was guided by the connection between the story of two women finding belonging within themselves and also with one another through art, story and connection.

I received a testimonial from her that completely brought me to tears, and I'm here to share it with you.

"2020 was an interesting year. While the world around me seemed to be crumbling, my Authentic Self was growing inside and begging to break free. My year was full of self reflection, meditation, mistakes, questions and ultimately growth. I found my Authentic Self, and let me tell ya, she rocks.

I had been following Flow and Root for a while, since the beginning, and always loved Courtney's work. I knew I wanted one of her pieces (this was pre-abstract work). We had exchanged a few messages prior to my 30th birthday about maybe doing something then, but that came and went and I didn't follow through. Ultimately though, when I started to see her new abstract pieces shared, my Authentic Self - that little voice inside - said 'That's it.' So I reached out about a custom piece and sure enough Courtney was about to launch a new experience for commissioned pieces. I felt so honored to be one of the first to participate.

I created the time and space to do the journal responses and sent pictures of my handwritten answers back to Courtney. I knew immediately based on her reaction to those that she would be able to embody exactly what I needed on that canvas.

I couldn't wait for my piece to arrive. I told all my family and friends about the beautiful investment I made in myself to commemorate my year. When she finally arrived, I was shaking as I opened the box. I was so nervous I was going to accidentally slice right through the canvas with my box cutter. But luckily she came out unharmed and I was speechless seeing her for the first time. She's everything I needed.

Now, she hangs proudly in my living room where I see her every day. Reminding me and encouraging me to let my Authentic Self live freely in and outside me. To live with integrity, as one whole woman, who loves fearlessly, dares bravely and lives vibrantly."

Q&A re: my commission process

Q: What is the main reason you decided to make this investment?

"To honor and celebrate myself and commemorate my growth in 2020."

Q: How does your artwork and this experience contribute to your life? What do you have now that you didn't have before? A: My artwork inspires me every day. It's often my focal point during my at home yoga practice. I can see it when I'm cooking/washing dishes and working in my kitchen. I see it when I walk from my bedroom to my office to start my work day. It reminds me that I found my authentic self in 2020 and now in 2021 I want to let her FREE and let her LIVE. Also, it just looks so beautiful in the space. I can't remember what my living room liked like before...boring I bet.

Q: Please share about the journal experience. What did you like/dislike about it? Would you change anything? Did it add value to your experience? I enjoyed the journal experience a lot. As someone who was working on mindfulness throughout 2020 the journal experience fit in well with my journey. I thought the questions were poignant and allowed me to think about what I wanted in my space. For example, not just color for the sake of color, but color for the energies and feelings they bring.

Q: Did you feel supported throughout the process? Is there anything I could've improved upon to make you feel more supported? Yes, I felt super supported through the process. I loved the journal prompts and appreciated your communication throughout. I also never felt pressured. When at the beginning when I couldn't decide on size - you never made me feel like I needed to size 'up' or spend 'more'. Which I appreciated. But you helped me find what would best honor my space.



Do you live a life of authenticity? Are you on the path to finding your truth? Do you see your own life as a work of art? I am continuously empowering women like you to see the beauty in their own life + story through art. Let's co-create, my love. Start here. 

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