Cyclical Being Blog Series Part 1: Water Cycle - Clear your calendar!

Welcome to part 1/4 of my #cyclicalbeingseries blog, love! Follow along from week to week, or jump to the phase you're at in your cycle. Currently in preovulation? Read part 2/4 hereThis content is inspired by my own cycle and wisdom from my go-to book on feminine cycles: Moon Time*. 

Phase: Menstruation (bleeding)

Season: Winter

Element: Water

Archetype: Water Goddess

Superpower(s): Sensitive and inner awareness

Energy: Introspective, quiet, spiritually aligned, reflective, feminine, flow, moon, yin

Colors: blues, greys, light + soft purples and pinks

Mantra: I am listening, I love you.

Shop metallic, beautiful artwork for your home and sacred space. Made in Denver!So now you're bleeding and you may feel like a totally different person than you did just a week ago. You may be thinking WTF is wrong with me?! Trust me, I go there a lot when I'm on my moon. I promise you:

You are human, you are a badass woman, and these natural cycles are what make you, you!

You will feel your outer light dimming at this time, but your inner light will never be brighter! Now is the time to say "no" to external-facing projects and social outings and "yes" to get in touch with yourself. Grab your journal, tell your partner to maintain distance + give yourself permission to feel it all.

You will feel highly intuitive during this time, so it is a beautiful time to take space to do check in's throughout the day and journal each morning and night (prompts below). Your ability to listen to your inner guide will be extra powerful at this time. If there is a ritual you've been craving, like morning meditations or mid-day phone free walks, now is the time to slow down and make space for you.

Now is the time to wrap up existing projects and take a breather from starting new projects. You will find you will feel less patient and more irritable during this time, so try to steer away from projects that are mentally demanding. If you can control it, manage your schedule so you can work remotely and alone during this time. Try to avoid scheduling important meetings and presentations with clients and colleagues, when possible.

Plan to get extra rest, and use this time to disconnect from technology. Limit your social media time, especially at night, as your body is craving lots of restful sleep!

How I create during this time:

During my moon, I clear my schedule from anything that feels too mentally demanding (like taxes and client prospecting). I prep my surfaces to paint, I organize my art supplies, but I avoid actually starting new pieces when possible. If I do decide to create, my art tends to be more abstract and flowy as opposed to technical. I will never draw a female portrait during this time! I try not to schedule meetings with new clients at this time as I know my communication won't be as strong as other phases of my cycle. I may use this time to check in with existing clients, as I feel extra sensitive to their needs and my ability to nurture them.

I plan and schedule all my social content ahead of time, as I avoid outward prospecting and marketing when I'm on my moon. I like the free version of the Later app!

This is a silly one that works for me! My apartment is in a really loud area of Denver, and the city noises take me away from connecting with myself. So, I close my windows during the first couple days of my moon! I feel completely at peace cleaning, journaling, and resting with nothing but calming music and space to feel.

Journal Prompts

    • (AM prompt) How can I show up for myself today?

    • (PM prompt) How did I show up for myself today? How did I deny myself space?

    • How am I denying myself self-love?

    • What is one self-love habit I can start today? *Start small + simple (like putting lotion on your body uninterrupted after your bath)

    • What habits are nourishing my physical body? What habits are depleting me?

    • How am I resisting the flow of my life?

    • How can I surrender to the flow in my life?

    • What does "surrender" mean to me?

    • What emotions am I holding onto? What emotions can I let go of?

    • What feelings am I not letting myself feel? These feelings deserve to be felt.

Water Element Ritual

Close (and lock!) the bathroom door, tell your partner + kiddos to F off, dim the lights, light a candle and smudge your tub to clear any negative energy. Fill up your tub with warm/hot water and place any sacred objects, like water elements crystals (agate, quartz, amazonite), around you. Grab calming essential oils, like lavender and chamomile, and place them on your wrists and temples.

You may feel fuller in your belly at this time, and now is the most beautiful time to embrace your full, feminine figure. Close your eyes. Place both hands on your belly, and breathe deeply into the fullest space of your body. Breathe in for a count of four, breathe out for a count of four. Feel the warmness of the water hold you closely and recognize how it feels to be held. Continue breathing deeply into your belly. 

I honor you for honoring yourself. Thank you for reading and for taking care of your inner light! As a special gift for you, love, enjoy 20% off the purchase of any Water Goddess wall art (limited edition hand-detailed print, original goddess artwork, and standard print)!


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