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Illustrator | Fine Artist | Muralist | Denver | Creative Magic | Creativity |

Welcome, friend! We’re so grateful you’re here.

We’re Flow and Root, a family-owned art and creativity business based in Denver, Colorado! Our values as a family + business are:

Our Values:

Empathy, Belonging, Creativity, and Openness


Meet Courtney, the Creative Magic of Flow and Root

Courtney, a home-body cat-loving illustrator, muralist and fine artist creates unique colorful art for your walls, wardrobe and spirit. Her abstract mixed-media art is born from her desire to be seen and to make you feel seen. 

Her creative journey is self taught and spiritually inspired, and her art is an outward expression of her inner world. She creates art with feminine energy, lots of vibrant colors and lines to tell your story. She is a hard 4 on the Enneagram!


Meet Michael, the man behind the curtain of Flow and Root

Michael handles operations for Flow and Root. Michael flexes his creative muscles with background music during their creative nights. He's played acoustic guitar most of his life and is teaching himself piano now, too.  Michael is a 7 on the enneagram!