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Cyclical Being Series

This limited edition series empowers you to honor your natural cycles and align with the elements that live within + around you.

This series was awakened as Courtney's spiritual journey guided her to working closely with the elements (air, fire, water, earth) and honoring the goddesses. She became deeply curious about the changes she experienced in her body, mood, energy and desires, and how she embodied differing elemental qualities as she moved from season to season and from each stage in her cycle.
See a detailed description of each Goddess below, and choose which one aligns the most with you in this moment.
Embody the qualities of the Air Goddess: calm, feminine, awakened, and creatively inspired. She is the Goddess of spring, your breath, and a nourishing breeze. She empowers you to honor the natural endings and beginnings in your life.
Unleash your inner Earth Goddess; the Goddess of grounding, roots, flowers and stability. She is the Goddess of autumn and the mountains, and she empowers us to believe: we have everything we need within us.

Nurture your inner softness and femininity with the Water Goddess. She is the Goddess of winter, the ocean, the moon, and your shadow self. She inspires you to move with ease, look inward, be in flow and honor your body.

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Transform your space + energy with the Fire Goddess. She is the Goddess of passion, sensuality, purpose, creativity, power and action. She connects us with the warmness of the sun and our heart’s truest desires. Let her vibrant colors awaken your spirit!


The #CyclicalBeingSeries awakened with a mission to inspire you to feel it all: your highs, your lows and everything in between: the dark, the light, the joy, the sadness, the oneness, the loneliness.
The designs in this series each highlight a goddess who embodies qualities of each season and element; spring, summer, fall, winter and air, fire, earth and water, respectively.