❊ Now Offering ❊ Payment Plans

I want you to feel held + supported as you make an investment in a commissioned painting or original art, and I aspire for you to feel empowered to make this investment in yourself + your sacred space.

So, I offer interest-free payment plans for any original art or commission purchases to exceed $500.00 USD.


  • Duration: 2-6 months

  • Payments can be made through PayPal or Venmo

  • You will determine the total # of months and the monthly payment due date (1st or 15th) that works within your budget and income!

  • For original works: Once your first payment has cleared, the painting will be marked as "SOLD" in my shop; if 2 months pass without payment, the painting will become available in my shop

  • For commissions: I will begin painting your artwork once I receive your first payment.
  • All payments are nonrefundable
  • Rush delivery options are not available with payment plans
  • We'll both sign an agreement with your payment terms + schedule before moving forward.


Email me with the subject line: "[painting name] payment plan" OR "Commission payment plan"

In the body of the email, please include the desired # of months to pay for your painting and what day of the month you will pay (the 1st or the 15th).


Please never let doubt get in the way of what you desire + are ready to receive! Email me with all questions or concerns, and I will support you the best I can.