Commission Me! (Small Painting on Paper)

Commission Me! (Small Painting on Paper)

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Love my work but desire something personalized just for you?...

Do you admire art collectors and have an interest in fine art, but not sure how to start your collection?...

Spending more time at home these days?...

Then, commission me to create an abstract painting just for YOU! This option is great for gallery-wall lovers or art lovers who live in a small space.

I will create a painting that will add vibrancy + awakening energy into your space using colors you love and the energy you desire to feel.

Your painting is created on Arches 140# smooth watercolor paper and it will come ready to hang immediately. 

Read through the FAQs below, and please email me directly if you have any questions prior to purchasing! 


 Q: I'm intrigued, tell me how it works!

Once you purchase, I'll email you to inquire about the color/color palettes you love, the current + desired energy in your space, the orientation you would like for your painting (vertical or horizontal), as well as current paintings of mine you love. From here, I'll begin painting a piece custom for you + your sacred space.

Q: Does my painting come framed?

No, it does not come framed. I do have recommendations for my favorite frames, which I can send you. Just ask!

Q: I want you to paint me and my dog. Can you do that?

Nope - this process is all about abstraction and painting by feeling. I ask that you trust in my guidance + I promise you, you will love what you receive!

Q: What if I don't know what color palettes I like?

See my color palette guide here for inspiration. Once you purchase, you'll be asked to journal on several questions about colors/color palettes to ensure your painting aligns with your preferences.

 Q: I'm excited! When will my painting arrive?

Small commissions take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to complete, then 1-2 weeks for shipment. You will be notified via email when your painting is en route.

Q: Can you do other sizes not listed here?

Typically, yes! These are my most popular. Email me to inquire on a specific size, and I will send you pricing. If you want to invest in a much larger piece, commission me for a large-scale canvas painting.

Q: Can I pay Cash?

Yes, always. Cash is kween :) Swipe through the photos in this listing for my QR code. I'll send you a request to charge you tax, if applicable, after receiving your payment.

Q: I live near Denver. Can I pick up from you?

Yes! Just select local pick up on check out.

Q: Can I return this painting?

Nope, all commissions are nonrefundable.

Q: Can I make prints of your artwork?

Nope! Copyright and reproduction rights do not transfer with the sale.